Copy & Paste Hotspot Changes Position

In Axure 8, copying and pasting a hostpot from one dynamic panel state to another would preserve the exact X & Y coordinates, even across breakpoints.

In Axure 9 beta, copying a pasting a hotspot from one dynamic panel state to another shifts/moves the position, especially across breakpoints.

Edit: I incorrectly stated “pages” when I meant to say dynamic panel states.

MacOS Mojave (10.14) / Axure RP 9 Beta

Hi jamsoft,

I see that copying & pasting a widget between pages preserves their exact x & y locations, even across breakpoints. Could you post your .rp file where this isn’t working for you? Please also let me know the version of Mac or Windows you’re using, the build of the 9 beta (e.g. 3621), as well as verifying that you are copying & pasting using [Cmd]/[Ctrl] + [C]/[V]. Thanks!

Sorry, I meant to say “dynamic panel states” not “pages”. I’ve edited my original post to correctly reflect the issue.

Hi jamsoft,

Gotcha - thanks for clarifying that. I was able to reproduce the same issue where copying & pasting a widget between dynamic panel states offsets the widget by 10px, and I’ve filed a ticket with our QA team about this. :slight_smile:

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I second this as an issue, I often need to move stuff between states in a dynamic panel, so I cut from one state and paste into the next state, every time it pastes with a 10px offset, this really slows me down and is super irritating.

Thanks :slight_smile: