Copying and pasting text using mouse action not working

I am trying to replicate the case where a user is sent an email 6 digit verification code and copies the number to a field where it is then verified. Quite a common pattern these days.

I have it work under the following cases:

  • When someone manually types the number across
  • When someone uses ctrl + c then ctrl + v
  • when someone uses mouse copy & then crl + v

However during user testing I had a repeated issue… when a user tries to use right click paste (plain text or paste) into the field I see the number slightly greyed out and the value is not recorded/readable from the prototype.

I created this basic example to demonstrate the issue:

copy and paste test.rp (57.7 KB)

I am using the latest version of chrome and have also used the new chromium edge… I haven’t gone as far as trying firefox.

I have however copied the clipboard value to other applications… Am I missing something?

Chrome seems to know it is there… also if I navigate in the field the cursor jumps from the start to finish of the number as if the number is an image.

Axure version

Any help appreciated.

I received a work around from Ashley @ Axure - which works perfectly for my case.

I have reproduced this bug you have described, and I will be filing a bug report for this so that our team may work towards correcting this problem. To explain, the text that you are seeing that is in grey is hint text, which is typically used to instruct users about the name of the field or to provide further instructions on how to enter text into the field. To help you work around this problem, I have come up with a temporary solution that may help while our team is working on correcting this bug.

Since it looks like this problem only occurs when directly pasting text into a text field that is holding no text, we can work around this problem by adding some text to the field in the design canvas in Axure RP. In the attached copy of your file, I have added a space to the text in the field. I have also added a “Mouse Enter” event with a “Focus” action to focus on the text field and highlight all text inside the text field. With this interaction set up, you can copy text, right-click the text field, and then paste the text as normal text instead of the hint text that was previously appearing.

copy and paste test_Copy.rp (52.8 KB)

Thanks Ashley!