Corporate Firewall is blocking Axshare

Hey all,

I work for a large digital agency and use Axure frequently in my work. One of my clients requires that we use a VPN to access some of their materials but the VPN blocks Axshare, which also gets in the way with sharing prototypes with the client.

As far as I’ve heard, the clients have been trying to resolve the matter on their own but I guess I’m wondering if there’s any way I can expedite the process. We’re at the risk of having to stop using Axure which I really don’t want to do.

Hi brenkelly!

It sounds like your team is using Axure Share to share prototypes with your client, but the VPN you and the client are using for this is blocking access to Axure Share. To clarify, is the client using the Axure RP tool to open and modify standard and/or team project files, or is the client simply trying to access Axure share to preview prototypes in a web browser?

While there may not be much to do on your end in this latter instance, we do offer troubleshooting steps for Axure Share connections here.

If it’s possible that their firewall settings are blocking access to Axure Share, these steps may help some!

Thanks Chelsea,

I think the problem is that the client is trying to reach someone with authority at Axure to get details for the VPN to allow the Axshare server through.