Coverflow for my news panels

hello to all,
I need to create a coverflow for my “News” panel…
I can’t find any tutorials or forum tips.
Can anyone help me?

home fibas.rp (2.5 MB)

If you want to do what I think you want to do, then it’s going to be extremely difficult if not impossible in Axure. If you’re ok with a low fidelity representation of the effect, that is possible.

oh, okay thanks.
“low fidelity representation of the effect” how?

The easiest way would be to make a bunch of images that represent each step and cuddle through them. Use Photoshop or something to make a separate image showing each item in the center and the make each one a state of a dynamic panel and step through them. There won’t be any animation but it will be fast and easy to do.

This probably what you could achieve gallery carousel Axure RP 8.rp (252.3 KB)