Creat team project using existing file

All of the instructions for creating a team file seem to start from a blank/new file. Can I turn an existing Axure file into a team file in Axure 8?


Yes you can. On the Team menu, there is the menu item “Create Team Project from Current File.” This will do all of the following automatically for you:

[li]upload the file[/li][li]make the uploaded file a team project[/li][li]create a local team project file based on the original file - this will be stored in Axure’s Team Projects folder and will end in .rpprj[/li][li]close the original file[/li][li]open the local copy of the team project[/li][/ul]

The only gotcha is this: In the future, use the team project version of the file (ending with the extension .rpprg), not the original version you created the team project from, which will still end in .rp.

  1. Why is the menu option “Create Team Project from Current File” greyed out in my Axure environment?
  2. You mentioned .rpprg. How do you use use “the team project version of the file (ending with the extension .rpprg?”

For anyone following up,

RyanjohnsondBD wrote into the help desk about this, and we were able to help him out through that channel. In short, there isn’t a straightforward way to duplicate a team project, and so the steps you’ll need to take is this:

  1. Open up the original team project RPPRJ file in Axure RP.
  2. Go to “File > Export Team Project to File”. This will export a standalone RP version of the team project.
  3. Open the exported RP file and go to “Team > Create Team Project from Current File”.

This will be the best way to create a copy of the team project. After this is done, you should have two team projects, each with their own local copy and each with their own team project ID.

And in case anyone’s curious:

  1. The option “Team > Create Team Project from Current File” would be greyed out if there is no open file, or the open file is a team project RPPRJ file.

  2. I believe the user meant RPPRJ (the extension for team projects). As mentioned, any changes you wish to make to the team project will need to be done from the RPPRJ local copy of the team project, using the items under the “Team” menu, rather than the exported RP file.

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