Create Widget Style missing?


Is the ability to create a new widget style based on the current object actually removed or am I missing it. In RP9 when I changed the style of a widget I was given the option to “Update” or “Create”. Now there is only “Save changes back to style” and “Manage Widget Styles”. Please add the functionality to create from the selected style back.


Hello! This functionality is still available in the Widget Style Manager. You can create a new style and copy from the selected widget on the canvas to create the style attributes.


With the RP10 I have to create an empty style, go back to the widget, then choose the style name, and click “save changes back to style”. This is interrupts workflow.

In RP9 I was able to style the object and choose “Create” and name it on the fly.

Please put this functionality back in or tell me if I’m missing an enhancement.


Use this button in the Widget Style Manager rather than creating an empty style and then returning the Style pane:

That said, you’re right that it adds a few clicks to the RP 9 behavior in the interest of simplifying the Style pane a bit.


RP9 seems far more user efficient than the solution provided in Axure 10. Can you help us to understand why this change was made?


Simplifying for visual design reasons does not always result it making it more user friendly.

Hopefully it will be added back soon.