Creating custom Pick List (repeater) with closable Tags



Pick List test 2.rplib (101.1 KB)
I am creating a custom Pick List where a user can select 1 or more items from a main list. When an item is select from the list (1st repeater) it creates a closable Tag of the selected item. When the user clicks the close, X, Icon I need the Tag to disappear as well as the item/row in the original list to be deselected. I have tried many things but I can’t seem to get it to work.

My idea so far was to take the item.index (row order #) and assign it to the Tag when a user Selects an item from the main repeater list. Then when a user clicks the X icon for a given Tag I could try to compare the item.index # to the number on the Tag. I thought this might work and would allow me to have the X delete the tag and specifically target the row in the main list. Unfortunately, I can not get this to work.

This video almost helped exactly with what I am trying to do but at the very end he says Variables or pushing data from the Tag back to the 1st list would work. However, I cannot get either method to work.

Please let me know if you have any ideas.


Pick List test 2.rp (130.6 KB)