Cursor not consistently visible when editing text

Axure Team Edition ver.; running on Windows 10 x64

When I am editing text in a text widget, the text cursor (i.e. caret) is not consistently visible.

  • I can reproduce this by placing the cursor in a line of text and using the arrow keys to move left or right. In some locations the blinking cursor is visible, in some location it is not.
  • The behaviour seems to be consistent, meaning that if I select a different widget and then return to the text widget the cursor is not visible at the same locations in the text.
  • When I view the text at maximum zoom the cursor is always visible.
  • When I zoom in/out whilst editing a text widget I lose focus and have to reselect the text again.
  • I do not experience this problem with any other programs on my PC
  • I have always experienced this problem, and I do not think it is related to any OS updates or OS settings.

Hi tomw!

Hmm, the only issue described that I’ve been able to reproduce so far was the behavior where text widgets lose focus when the Axure RP 8 canvas is zoomed in or out. I’ll be filing a feature request regarding this behavior with our respective teams shortly!

For the issues where the cursor is not visible for some of your text widgets, could you please let me know if you have encountered this issue in a specific file, or if you are able to reproduce this issue in a new file? If this behavior seems to be contained to a specific file, could you please send that file along for review? If you would like to keep the file private, please feel free to email the file to instead.

Could you also please let me know if you are using any custom scaling for your computer screen or for any external monitors? Could you also please let me know what the resolutions are for any screens or monitors you are using?

Hello Chelsea,
I can confirm that I do experience the same problem with other files as well, so it is not specific to one document.
The screen scaling could be an influencing factor though as I do have custom scaling set up,
My laptop monitor has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 px and is set to 150% scaling in Windows display settings
External monitor 1 has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 (100% scaling).
External monitor 2 has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (100% scaling).
I experience the disappearing cursor when viewing the prototype on any of the three displays.

Hi tomw,

Thanks for sending in that information. A few follow-up questions, is your laptop monitor set as your Primary display via Windows settings? Also, is Windows reporting 150% as your “recommended” scaling option for the laptop monitor? Can you try setting it to 100% to see if this changes the cursor behavior? Lastly, if possible, can you post a screen recording of what you’re seeing on your end?

Hi Justin,
My laptop is not my main display, as you can see in the settings:
The recommended scaling for this screen is 200%.
Changing the scaling to 100% for my laptop screen has no effect on the cursor visibility on my main display. In fact, the behaviour is the same when i view Axure on my laptop screen instead.
I will send you a screen recording in a direct message .