Cursor pos different in preview mode and published site


Hi guys,

In preview mode I get the cursor pos relative to the page and, in published mode, I get it relative to the dynamic panel.

That’s very annoying to test locally complex components with deeply nested DPs.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


cursor_pos_question.rp (57.4 KB)

The published version:


Looks like a bug… Worthy of a bug report to

But I don’t see the behavior you describe. On Win10, Axure, I tested with latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge browsers, and always get the cursor location relative to the DP (323) in both Preview and Published versions. This is the behavior I expect because the orange dot is inside a dynamic panel (dp) and all widget and cursor locations referred from within a dp are relative to that dp.

What OS, browser, and Axure version are you using? I’m wondering if this is a Mac thing.

I made some additions to your .rp file to help further test this.

  • In the upper right, you can always see the live cursor location, relative to the page.
  • The dp can be dragged around to test this in other locations on the page.
  • I added a blue dot that always shows the x-location relative to the page.
    • If this is the data you want to see (in both preview and published versions) then clicking the blue dot should work for you in both.
    • If you would rather always see the locations relative to the dp, I suppose you could try using the formula on the blue dot then subtracting the dp.x value. So, [[Cursor.x + DP.x - DP.x]]
      • Logically, this makes little sense, but it may be a hack to override this bug.

cursor_pos_question.rp (62.0 KB)


Many thanks for your time and your advice!

Good guess about “the Mac thing”: I’m a on a Macbook with macOS Big Sur. Not sure it’s the reason because I can’t test it on a PC at the moment. But, if it is, I’ll create a bug report.

At the moment, I still get 2 different positions (see image).

In any case, I’ll post the final result here (if I get the right one of course :slight_smile: ).

Thanks again for your involvement.


Hi @pdcdec,

As @mbc66 pointed out, this behavior does not occur on the latest Axure RP 9 build: I have tested this on both Mac and Windows.

You can update to the latest build by visiting


I just installed the latest RP 9 build and, yes, everything works fine now.

Thank you so much for your responsiveness Adil.


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