Custom Checkbox Behavior is Odd (from AxureTraining.rp)

Here’s the Checkbox from the AxureTraining file.

I’d like to use it, but have come across some odd behavior. If I choose “Selected” (as I’d like to have some of them checked in the demo), only the Button outline shows up as “selected.” If you click the widget (group) it toggles between the Tick Mark (green) or the Button (turned green) being selected, not both.

Is there something I have set incorrectly? Clicking “Selected” for either the Group or just the Button has the same results. Without any “Selected,” it works just fine. So my issue is simply having it appear “Selected” when opening the page.

Custom Checkbox.rp (49.6 KB)


It’s because the checkbox group (as well as the rectangle containing the checkbox) are selected by default, so the first time you click it, it toggles selection off and visibility of the check on.

Right-click the group and uncheck Selected, and do the same for the rectangle containing the checkbox.

Joseph — Thanks for the suggestion. However, I don’t think I was clear in my first post.

I want to start with both the checkmark and rectangle “Selected” (in some occurrences). I can only get the rectangle to appear pre-selected. No matter how I set the checkmark, I just can’t seem to get it to initially show up. I updated the example.


Custom Checkbox copy.rp (65.7 KB)


I finally figure out what the issue was. The checkmark was constructed differently than the rectangle. Whoever created this for the AxureTraining.rp apparently never considered the ‘selected’ version on open. The checkmark is set as “Hidden,” so it can never initially show up as ‘selected.’ I simply changed the setting and gave the standard view ‘no fill’ as its color. Problem solved.

Custom Checkbox copy.rp (54.3 KB)