Custom fonts and axure

Hi all -
Im working on a project that uses custom fonts. Ive tried a few of the options listed here including

I have access to .woff, .svg, .ttf and .eot

the two things im trying to get a grasp of is:

how do you associate the font installed (.ttf) with the web font (.woff) file?

font naming of ttf fonts vs. the font naming for a web font are not always the same. how do you control when MyFontBold is supposed to be MyFontBold-700 - guessing thats manual through the font mapping.

thanks again for any insights…

You might have to use font mapping, is what it comes down to. If using the front in Axure isn’t producing the correct font-family when it builds the prototype, you’ll have to add a font mapping to the correct font-family name.

Thanks im starting to get the results i was expecting but its a bit more manual than i was hoping. Your tutorial (i think that was u) was helpful for me to understand it all better, i just dont seem to get results without adding the font link as a plug in and then mapping the desktop font to the mobile with css and mapping each font to its web font counter part.

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