Custom Javascript not working in Axure 9


I am working with the exact same file in both Axure 8 and Axure 9 format, and there’s logic on page load to change the cursor to the “move” cursor when hovering over elements with the label “draggable”.

It works just fine in the Axure 8 file:

When I open the same file in Axure 9, I can see everything is the same:

But the javascript doesn’t work anymore:

Was this feature removed or changed in Axure 9? Attached is the file in rp 8 format for reference, in case you want to try opening it with both 8 and 9.

DragCursor - Axure 8.rp (77.5 KB)

Thank you!


It’s always helpful to open the browser’s developer console when something doesn’t work. In doing so I saw this error:

It’s complaining about the comma inside of the jQuery selector, after [data-label=“Draggable”]. Maybe a comma isn’t allowed if it’s not followed by another selector? Anyhow, take the comma out and it works.

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Thank you @josephxbrick! I didn’t think to do that because I thought it was a problem from Axure 8 to 9 - but a good reminder to always look at the console!
Solved the problem perfectly, thanks again.


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