Custom password page in Axure Share with V9

I’m trying to replace our old custom password page for Axure share, but it only seems to work with Axure 8 and I’ve now completely moved to Axure 9. I can’t see the option to change the branding in the new Axure Cloud version. I’ve tried uploading a Axure 9 file to the legacy Axure Share portal and it fails. Can anyone help?

Sorry for missing this! The ability to create custom password pages is a legacy feature of the old Axure Share hosting site. The new Axure Cloud, to which we are transitioning, does not support custom password pages so there is no option for it in the UI; similarly those custom password templates won’t work if you save them in Axure RP 9, they must be saved in Axure RP 8 and published via the legacy site, <>. For the time being if you still need to use custom password pages then you will need to edit and save them in version 8 and publish them via Axure Share, not Axure Cloud; those custom password pages you set should still be visible whenever you share a link to a password protected prototype with the user regardless of whether the project file hosted at the shared URL is a version 8 or 9 file. Hopefully that helps!

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