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I Hope I’m at the right page I’m new to this. I have created 2 Dropdowns each with their own list(Country and State), I did this in Adobe illustrator
So Just to say… When I select the first dropdown (country) i want to select any country (USA) and in the second drop down it must only give me the states/provinces of the country i selected (USA).

I know how to do this using the “Droplist widget”. I want to know is there any way i can do it if i copy and paste said lists from Illustrator, convert them and make them interactive as if it were to be a Droplist Widget. I want to do it this way to keep the exact look and feel i created for the app/website.

Thank you

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I am not sure of Illustrators. But if you all list set up in Axure you can use Condition to Say if Country A is selected show the following list of.

Simple way is o have 2 Dropdown

Let me use United Kingdom as an example

Dropdown 1 Country = England, Scotland, etc

Dropdown 2 County = Kent, London … (n)

So when I select England You can simply have the drop down for England County Appears

You will need to get list of all countries and corresponding Counties or States to make this work.

Also since this list is constant all you need to do is plan out your lists. and then just implement using widget hide and show.

The first dropwodn to is the Country dropdown list. then create create different set of dropdown for Counties of States and then just show the dropdown as you select any countries

Thank You @jamesorior . I also think that the Show and hide option would work better.
Thank you for your input

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