Cut off and misplaced text in Browser view

I noticed that some text fields (or radio buttons) look good in Axure but as soon as tested in the browser some text’s appear to be cut off.
If I make the text field enough wide, text will be displayed correctly but the widgets won’t align properly. Any clue why this is?

I remember there was a short key and Axure would determine itself how much space a text field needs in width.

How it looks in Axure:

How it looks in the browser:

Hi @darie, thank you for posting about this! From your screenshots, I can see that there is a visible difference in how the text appears in Axure RP compared to how it looks in your web browser. Do you by chance have any “Web Fonts” or “Font Mapping” settings set up in your project. To check this, you can follow the instructions linked here:

If modifying these settings hasn’t helped, can you please also check whether this issue is occurring in other web browsers? To check this, you can select “Publish > Preview Options”, select a different web browser, and click “Preview”. If the problem is only happening in a specific web browser, do you by chance have the zoom level of the browser set to a different size than 100%?

If checking this hasn’t helped, can you please send a copy of your file to We’ll be happy to take a closer look and investigate further to try to correct this issue.

Best wishes,
Axure Customer Support

Hi and thank you for your answer.
I will send you the file as no tips from above helped. I’m indeed using a web font but it’s a google font and the support page you mentioned above says built-in support for Google Fonts. So I assume I don’t have to change that. Please note that I haven’t tested the site on axshare (sth with my account isn’t working) but localy.

It looks also similar in Firefox and Safari Browser. Honestly in Chrome it looks the best.

Thank you for the support!