Cycle animation with Fire Event - OnLoad


With Axure 9, I need to create cyclic animation (for a locator on map in this case), the trick was to create animation inside “OnLoad” and make it repetitive with the action “Fire Event” and fire “OnLoad”.

But It’s doesn’t work anymore with actions “Set Size” and “Set Opacity” :disappointed: (Move is ok)

Here my interaction process :

Am I alone? Or is it a beta effect?

Hi Ax-guy!

It looks like setting the size of the widget to 0w x 0h doesn’t work in the 9 beta (but it does in Axure RP 8), and so I’ll file a ticket with our QA team about this. For now, it should work if you edit the first resize to 1w x 1h.

In addition, since you have an animation in the second resize of swing 500ms, you’ll want to add another Wait interaction of 500ms after this to account for this animation. While I do see that a Wait interaction was not needed in Axure RP 8 for this interaction to work, this seems more like a bug in Axure RP 8 than the 9 beta since it makes sense that a Wait IX is needed to account for the 500ms animation time (since the Fire Event to fire the OnLoad fires immediately). Nonetheless, I’ll add a note the bug report that this behavior changed in the 9 beta.