Data passing through 2-page prototype

I have a two page prototype.
Both pages have several light box modals.
The selections made in the first page must pass to the second page’s modal
How do i pass data from one page to another?

You can use Global Variables to achieve this. Here’s some more info:

Thanks a lot,
and how about radio button groups, that opens content.
how pass that to another page?

The selected button group “TAIP” “NE” (yes, no) On yes enables additional content, that must be passed to another pages modal.
Is it possible to pass button group as a whole ?

Any thing that you want to pass has to be in a global variable. So to have to think about your intentions and decide at what point some info will get out into a final variable. Do you need to know on the second page whether they selected yes or no? If yes, think about the interaction. At what point would you know what their choice is? When they select one. Selection is an event. So you can use the Selection event on each radio button to set a global variable to be either “yes” or *no".

Now you have two possible values for that variable you need to handle on the other page. You have two conditions. So you can use conditional cases on the other page. I’ll assume you want this other content to show when the page loads, so we can use the OnPageLoad event. You’ll need two add two cases that look something like this:

  Case 1
    If additionalContentVariable equals "yes"
      Show additional content widgets

And you don’t really need a second case for “no” if you just want nothing to happen when they choose “no”. You would just have the addtional content hidden by default and then it would only ever show if the page loaded and the variable you set (called “additionalContentVariable” in this example) is equal to “yes”.

yes, i have made all the variables from first page variables,
and i pass them to on page Loaded event,

everything works, except additional content, then “yes” radio buttons are selected.

That’s because it’s set to “else if” instead of “if”. This means if the case before it is true (it at always is) then the following one (pink) will get skipped. Right click it and change it to “if”

i think that worked, thank you a lot :slight_smile:

also, there is a thing on passing checkbox values
it show empty but broken square, then you click it it says “true”
but it suppose to be checked as it was in the first page’s modal

ALso, i found a bug, that i don’t know how to solve:
If the modal in the first page (what supposed to pass data to the second page’s modal) was not opened, that on the second page it has no default data values.

You could give the variables a default value in the window where you created them.

there is a default value to every field, in a first page and the second.
But once the modal was not opened in the first page there is a “set varable action” on the modal (close) confirmation button.
And the second window overrides every default action with “null”
on the second page on Pageload it sets text from global variables, which suppose to be right.
Also, i tried to switch “set varable action” to another botton (which goes to second page) but it returned same results