Date dropdown list repeater

Hi all, this is my first post so please be gentle :wink:

I’m trying to make a fairly simple date picker with three dropdown lists.
One for the year, one for the month and on for the day.
My question is, how do I create a dropdown list with 120 items? let’s say the years 1900-2020
Can I do this with a repeater? I don’t want to insert all the years manually.
I also need to be able to select the year from the list obviously.


You can copy and paste data from Excel quite easily. I tend to create data sets there first so I can do thing like create large lists of dates or randomised numbers.

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You could use either really, with pretty much the same level of effort.

If you use a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets, you could use their “auto-fill” feature to generate a list of numbers. Then add a droplist widget in your prototype and double-click it. At the top of the window, click the “Edit Many” option and copy/paste the list from the spreadsheet. You could use the same method with a repeater if you wanted to.

If you really wanted to, you could dynamically generate the list of years using a repeater. Just set a trigger to add rows to a repeater until a certain number is hit: Dynamic_Dropdown.rp (57.1 KB)


That seems to work. The thing is, now I have a very long list (120 years) How do I create a scrollable list?

Also how do I make the list items clickable?
I managed to do so with a short droplist (months list), giving each item (month) a dynamic panel.
But this is way to much work to do with 120 items (years)
Any ideas?

I did it with a droplist for the months list and it works.

I don’t think I understand your question. Why do you need a dynamic panel for each month (or year)? if you’re using one for styling reasons, like a hover-state, you don’t need to, you can use the “Style Effects” at the bottom of a widget’s “interaction” tab. To make the repeater item clickable, just add the “Click or Tap” interaction to it like you would a button.

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I tried to make a droplist where the items have different behavior, and also to be able to control the style a bit more. But it seems to be too much work with so many items, so I went with your advice and used the style effects. Thx