Date Picker?



pick-date-single.rp (104.0 KB)

Thought I’d share my calendar that uses a repeater. It stores the date value in the text field labelled: “date selected”.

You can use the value from this text field at any point.

  • The default value is [[Now]]
  • After selecting a value from the calendar, the value changes to your selection.

You can reference the text field text as a date object. This allows you to do things like:
LVAR = text on widget: date selected

Not sure how well it works performance wise because of the use of the repeater.

I think I could adapt it to be a multi-date selector, and it’s a simple tweak to disable additional dates (such as past dates).

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Hi there, I really love the styling changes you’ve made to the date picker. It’s just what I’m looking for. Are you able to share the .RP?