Datepicker range

Hi, I found some topics regarding this, but they didn’t help me to learn it.

How can I mark certain rows inside the repeater and let them change the color? Do I have to use a additional trigger that I activate with e.g. move by (0,0) function?

There is no Event like “onMark” which I could use to set panel state

Can you give me a hint please, that would help me a lot.

datepicker_range.rp (137.5 KB)

This is what I achieved…probably really dirty…but I still didn’t manage to display the range between the two points

datepicker_range.rp (236.0 KB)


I can’t open your file to make edits because I’m running RP 8, but what I would do here is to set a ‘selected’ style for each row. Double click the repeater and select your shape. In the PROPERTIES panel, click the ‘Selected’ link and set the style to your liking.

Then, with the shape selected, add an ‘on click’ case. Set Selected > This Item > Toggle.

I’ve created a document here where I’ve done this.

Selector.rp (52.0 KB)

Range Selection

There may be an easier way to do this, but if I absolutely had to do this, I would use global variables (min date, max date) and add logic to the ‘on_click’ action that would set repeater items to selected if [[Item.Column0]] is greater than min_date and less than max_date.

This would be a very complicated way of demonstrating this, and it wouldn’t be a very good data vis in my opinion. All of the selected boxes would look the same, where I’d prefer for range dates to be lighter than the bookends.

Can you use a dynamic panel with pre-defined states? That would be my preferred way of doing this. I like to make my prototypes as simple as possible, only adding complexity where there’s no simpler way to illustrate the concept I’m trying to communicate. It would look something like this:

RangeSelector.rp (76.0 KB)

Hope this helps.

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@zzlpz You’re definitely on the right track. Combining the solution you had for showing the range with dynamic panel states and @cweiss 's suggestion of capturing start and end dates/numbers and evaluating greater and less than, you’d be right on your way. Just create a column in your repeater for storing the dynamic panel’s different states and then update them as the user clicks on dates: RangeSelect.rp (154.4 KB)

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Ah thank you guys for your input. I tried to create a marked column and set the range as “true” inside the table and later on it somewhow worked, but then it also changed the start and end button as well :smiley:
Now I know how to do it.

@cweiss @huban Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

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