Delay on show button on hover


I have a chat bot I am working on and want to show a button after I hover over the chat icon. Problem is the button takes its sweet time showing up. Any idea on how to add some speed or get rid of the delay. I attached a test file. Thanks for any help.chatbot.rp (49.0 KB)

You posted this in the Axure 9 forum but the file is Axure 10. No biggie, but I can’t open it.

My guess is you’ve used the Mouse Over event, which is only fired after a 1500 ms delay from the time the mouse cursor is detected over the widget. If so, cut and paste your interaction code to the Mouse Enter event, which should fire as soon as the mouse cursor is over your widget–perceptibly immediate.

If you want the button to disappear when the mouse cursor is moved away, include a Mouse Exit event and “Hide MyButton” action.

Hi MBC66,

That was it! I never used the Mouse Enter event before. I learn something new every day.

Thanks for your help,