Delays When Selecting Assets in Outline

I’ve searched here and on Google and have found nothing that addresses what I’m encountering. I’m working on a small prototype of 10 pages. When I have any page open, and I select a group or widget in the Outline panel, I get the Mac “spinning ball of hate” delay for about 8-10 seconds every time. It’s not consistent, happening one day, and not the next, and it happens when I just opened the team project, or after I’ve been working on it for some time. Once it starts it doesn’t stop. The pages don’t contain anything complicated, my MacBook Pro has the horsepower, and I’m running Axure RP 8 on Mohave 10.14.4. I have Outlook, and a browser open to preview on a second monitor. I’m on the corporate network and bandwidth isn’t an issue.

In Google and forum searches, I only found a somewhat similar issue on Axure 9 Beta having a problem with the Mac color profile but I tried that solution and it didn’t work. As you can imagine, not only does this slow down development, it’s frustrating as can be! Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Thanks!