Delete row in a table


I have a table. There is a checkbox adjacent to each row of the table and there is a delete button on the top. Now on selection of any checkbox, the delete button enables. Now on clicking the delete button, the entire row gets deleted. Is this interaction achievable in Axure?

I do not want to use a repeater to create this interaction as I already know that logic. Is this interaction possible in case we take a normal table?


Hi Apurvo, what you are describing is classic for repeater. I guess you can achieve this if you build your table as separate rows, each a group or DP that you can set to hidden when “deleted”. AFAIK, you can’t use the table widget.

Thanks @urbansombrero99

Hi apurvo, I have worked on file, that show similar pattern of interactions that you described (but I used a repeater).

delete.rp (2.9 MB)

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Thanks Natalie for the solution, appreciate.