Desktop Mouse Pointer with Custom Device Page Dimensions


I am attempting to use the “Custom Device” page dimensions so that I can set a canvas that utilizes both a set height and width.

It is causing me a major problem, however, as the preview mouse pointer seems always set to this round finger mobile pointer thing, which is completely inappropriate and unusable for what I am trying to accomplish.

So… is there any way to change the mouse pointer from this mobile default to the standard desktop arrow pointer when using the custom device page sizes?

Thanks much…


Unfortunately there’s not a way to manually control the mobile cursor; this will appear for all custom device sizes and preset device sizes for the canvas. If you want to have the width of the canvas truncated and also have the guideline on the canvas showing where the bottom of your intended custom device would be, then would using a page guide to show the page’s bottom edge and locking that guide in place do what you need? This setup shouldn’t trigger the mobile cursor.

Alright… Thanks Alyssa.

Looks like I can probably get it to work as you suggest, but it is not ideal.

It would be nice if, in the future, you could provide an option to choose which pointer is utilized for each of the different page dimension options.


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