Different calculation result between Axure and Browser

Hi guys, I am trying to do calculation in Axure. In Axure, the result shows 10% (the right answer), but when I preview it (F5) it changes to 0,01%. I use Chrome as my browser.

Hopefully, someone can help in solving this issue.

Thank you.

Can you share your file so we can see what calculation you are performing?

Sorry for the late reply. Here I attached the file, the calculation is being perform at % of Capital column.

Thank you.

CLS.rp (111.3 KB)

i’m seeing the same value in the .rp file as the generated preview (0.01%).

Also, the math looks correct to me in both, i.e. for the first row, 4.000/40000*100 does equal 0.01. Now 0.01 as a decimal is technically 1%, but given that you already are multiplying by 100 i’m guessing you’re accounting for the percent conversion.

TLDR: I don’t see anything incorrect.

But if I open the rp file, it shows 10%

Not sure why you are seeing a different value in RP. The 10% value makes no sense given the math you’re applying. Sounds like a bug in the version of RP you’re running. Just for reference, i’m running on a PC.