Different Input Sources

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Does Axure support the ability to listen for different inputs? I want to make a demo that supports a USB video game controller (functionally similar to a mouse + keyboard hybrid), which would allow for different button presses to be mapped to different events. For example, having the ability to press a button on the controller would create an action independent of where the cursor is. The X-button could be mapped to the X key, for example.

If it can’t do the controller, then I could fake it if Axure can listen to key press events.

I would love to know if someone has tried this.


To answer my own question… in the page properties, I think I can set the page interaction condition to (if key pressed equals x, then …).

This should work, right?

Axure probably won’t be able to listen to those inputs, but if you somehow map those controller inputs to key presses that Axure does support, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. As far as Axure would be concerned it would be as if the key was pressed on the keyboard.

Yup, that’s what I’m thinking will happen. I’ll post a reply early next week if/when I get it working.

Just wanted to update this thread with the result. There is software that maps USB input xbox controllers to specific keypresses. D-Pad left = left arrow, A button = a on keyboard, etc.

It works like a charm.

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I wonder if it is possible for you to share the name of the software which can be used to map USB input xbox controllers to keypresses? I searched the internet and find nothing about it.
Thanks a lot if you can share it with me :slight_smile:

I’m interested in this topic and I’m about to start experimenting. So far I found the below. I only have experience with xpadder, and at the time I wasn’t using it for prototyping. I’ll share my results, and it would be great if others could do the same!



I’m having good luck with ReWASD so far. The only major limitation I’m seeing so far is the inability to interpret a held thumbstick as recurring key inputs, but I can still emulate gamepad interactivity by thumbsticking through menus one “press” at a time.

One thing to pay attention to is which dynamic panel is in “focus”. You can set up OnPage events to listen for keystrokes in general, but if you have multiple column/rows in a single interface and you want the user to be able make multiple selections across them, you need to make sure you set the focus to the widget you want to move to when the user thumbsticks between lists. Hopefully that makes sense :slight_smile:

Hey–can you explain a bit more about how to properly use the “focus” when using the left or right sticks to navigate between items {that are then clickable}? I’m using joy to key.