Different type sizes in style manager


I set up 3 adaptive views (inherit). But in the style-manager I can only set one type size. How can I set different/ individual type sizes for all 3 adaptive views in the style-manager?

For example type size for “Headline 1” should be:
base -> 14
smartphone -> 18
desktop -> 16

is that possible?

You can create as many styles as you need in the style manager. To use different styles per adaptive view, you’d need to select each adaptive view and change the style per widget.

In your example, you’d create three styles:

  • Headline 1 base
  • Headline 1 smartphone
  • Headline 1 desktop

Then, in each adaptive view, apply the corresponding style to whatever widgets, starting with “base” then “smartphone” then “desktop”. You can select multiple widgets and they’ll be selected in all views.