Difficulty finding the outline pane

So, a comment on the layout of the overall UI.

I couldn’t find the outline pane for some time. It took me a while to find it as a tab in the top left, next to the pages, which is now also a tab to facilitate the addition of the outline tab.

Moving this pane here has some UX issues. Prior versions of the UI kept global aspects to the left of the canvas - pages & masters etc. Page & component specific stuff to the bottom and right. This hierarchy was logical. This arrangement less so. I know the UI is customisable. Can I move the Outline pane back to the right hand side of the canvase?

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? It will affect both existing and new users…

Question: why don’t you try it out? So moving the panel to the desired position … :slight_smile:

Thanks fishmi. I did.
Handy, howeverI think the outline pane should be docked on the right hand side of the UI by default.

I agree with that, too.