Disable drag on DP?

I am trying to keep users from dragging a DP while some animation is happening. I would expect that if I disabled the panel, it would not be draggable, but that’s not the case.
Plan B was to disable it and add case logic to DRAGGED interaction on the DP that says: “When disabled is false…”, but that didn’t work either.
The only way I can figure out how to disable drag is to create a variable for each of my objects, then add case logic that says “When value of variable x is OFF…” That’s a PITA. Is there an easier way to temporarily disable dragging on a DP? What’s the point in allowing us to disable DP’s otherwise?

Here is a quick demo I mocked up with a few alternate solutions. You don’t have to use variables, but you do have to change the state of something–other than disabling/enabling a dynamic panel.

disable drag.rp (59.8 KB)

For the blue dynamic panel, it is only draggable when a widget inside it is enabled. The “Start Animation” button moves a dot and disables the text widget in the dynamic panel, then when the animation is done it re-enables the text widget. In the Dragged event’s conditional logic I could have used the selection state of the button, or even the animated widget instead.

A little more simple solution, and very close to what you first tried, is used for the green dynamic panel. Instead of using the enable/disable state of the dynamic panel, I tried using the selection state, so it is only draggable when it is selected–and voila, it works. Why this works in the conditional logic but not “if
This is not disabled” is a mystery.

Very good question. Maybe an email to support@axure.com would get an answer …probably something like, upgrade to RP10. I also have no idea why you can disable and select a dynamic panel, and style a dynamic panel (fill, border, radius, etc.) but not provide styling for disabled and selected states.