Disabling submenus


Under the category of “I wonder if this is possible”…

I have created a three level Classic Menu Vertical.

If a user selects a menu item on say level two, is it possible to then hide that item’s submenu?

No, it looks like submenus can be named, and some attributes can be dynamically changed, but not visibility or opacity.

You could probably fake this well enough by just showing a rectangle over that submenu (matching the color of the background and no border.) Or, you could wrap your menu widget in a dynamic panel and set the width of the panel to the width of the menu minus the width of the 3rd submenu (or set width by "width of ".

@wootlebug isn’t it the case that entire menu gets hidden when a particular menu item is selected?
Can you quickly sketch something or create a simple RP file and show what scenario you are referring to?