Discrepancy between cloud prototype output and local machine output on MacOS


I am creating a prototype with a repeater using Axure 9.00.3704 and am encountering an odd discrepancy with generated prototype behaviour between my local machine and share.axure.com when I upload the RP file through the site.

In my local prototypes, if specific repeater rows show a dynamic panel to make them taller, the spacing correctly shifts based on all of my setup. However, on share.axure.com the dynamic panels do not seem to push the next repeater item down or adjust the repeater item container’s height. This is in the same browser with the same file.

Note that I cannot directly publish to cloud from Axure 9 OR access the new Axure Cloud because of firewall security restrictions, so I’m stuck with the old Axure share.

Any suggestions?

To be clear, when I say ‘locally’, I mean using the “Preview” feature on localhost, not locally generated files loaded from the filesystem

Well, without making any change, uploading a new file, or doing anything but coming back the next day the discrepancy has disappeared.