Discuss tab no enabled for visitors

Am I right in thinking there is no way to enable the Discuss tab in version 8?

Seems bizarre to have the thing and then not let visitors use it

The Discuss feature is part of Axure Cloud and not the RP editor.

When you publish prototypes there is an option to enable/disable comments in the Publish dialog, so ensure this is enabled. (Axure uses “Comments”, “Discuss” and “Discussion” interchangeably.) Also, the .rp file or .rpprj (Team Project) file is uploaded.

In the Axure Cloud web app, if you click on an RP or Team Project file you see its details, with the OVERVIEW tab shown by default. click on the DISCUSSIONS tab to see a table of all comments. Ensure the "Enable Discussions’ toggle is on.

In the browser, if the prototype was from RP8, and comments/discussions is enabled, a “Discuss” button appears on the left, in the “sitemap” Pages pane. This is part of the “prototype player” frameset. You may need to ensure this pane is shown. Look at the URL and ensure “#g=” is included, for example, https://l0zhd4.axshare.com/#g=1

  • You cannot “directly load” a page in your prototype as the “prototype player” frameset will not be included. For example, https://l0zhd4.axshare.com/scroll.html
  • When you click on “Discuss” notice the g parameter changes to “g=4”
  • You can set up your prototype with the Discuss pane open (or others) then copy that URL and send it to viewers if you want them to start with this view.

If you are using Axure Cloud for Business on Premises, or an earlier version of Axure Cloud loaded on your own server, there are admin configuration settings to enable Discussions, Inspect, etc. They may be disabled by default. Work with your admin and/or Axure Support.

If these suggestions don’t help, by all means send an email with description and any applicable files, project IDs, links, etc. attached to support@axure.com --they are usually very responsive and helpful.