Display a flag against multiple selected rows

I am building a “bookmark” function against a table of data created by repeater rows. I want to have a checkbox against each row and then a button outside of the repeater area which which clicked will toggle the appearance of a indicator ( just a coloured box) next to each of the selected rows

Roughly speaking:

  • Add a checkbox to your row. When checked, have it mark the row.
  • Create a column in your repeater to track whether a row is bookmarked or not
  • When the user clicks the button outside of the repeater, update marked rows so that the column for ‘bookmarked’ is set to ‘Yes’ (or whatever value you want).
  • Then have the same action unmark all rows
  • Add a ‘bookmark’ icon - could be a star or a little coloured flag or whatever you want. Hide it by default or have it in a default unselected state (empty star, hollow flag icon etc)
  • On row load in your repeater, add an action to move the bookmark icon
  • Add a case to your bookmark icon - when moved, check if [[Item.Bookmarked == ‘Yes’]]
  • If it does, show your bookmark icon/set it to selected etc

This will be one way - you’d need to add another button or more complex logic to ‘unbookmark’ rows.

Great! That has done the job and working well! Thank you very much!

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