Display Axure prototype online without controls?

Is there a way in Axure 9 to default an online Axure prototype to displaying without the Axure controls?

Yes, simply remove these URL parameters:


Becomes this:

Thanks very much for the quick response and information!

I just tried this by changing the URL line as you advised, but it didn’t hide the Axure controls. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? BTW, my link was only in the form https://ABC123.axshare.com. There were no additional parameters. I just added the /#p=Home to the URL. It then changed the URL to https://ABC123.axshare.com/#p=Home&id=null. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

I figured out that the way to do this is to include &c=1 in the URL parameters. All is good.

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