Display gridlines in preview mode?


I have enabled gridlines in my Axure project. I use a 12 column grid.
The grid shows in Axure, but when I publish it to a preview in my browser. I don’t see the lines anymore.
Is there an option to turn these ON?
My designer would love to see the grid lines in the preview.



Hi Sennia,

Unfortunately, there isn’t a native option to show grids or guides that are shown while editing in an RP file. If you’d like the developer to see a grid, an option would be to recreate the grid in a master. This would allow you to reuse the grid and maintain it in a single source:


I hope that helps!

Thank you Justin, I’ll use your alternative.


If you don’t want to see the grid all the time in your preview, just install any browser plugin which works as a toggle. I use Design Grid Overlay on chrome

Feature Request: This is a key feature to have in the preview bar for Axure 9 for developer handoff. Zeplin has this feature in their tool which displays gridlines from sketch files, and is very helpful for developers.


Nice one, thanks very much!

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