Display loader between filter and ordering repeater

I have a larger repeater with around 80 results.

Clicking a button to apply a filter results in a few seconds of delay before anything happens.

Is it possible to display a loader (hidden dynamic panel) whilst the filter / ordering, is being applied, then once finished, hide the loader.


  1. repeater is present
  2. click button to initiate filter
  3. show dynamic panel
  4. filter has finished being applied
  5. hide dynamic panel

Hi richardstelmach,

It sounds like this could work in theory, but I would have to see your file with the repeater to see if this is the case. As such, could you post your RP file here for me to take a closer look? From a quick thought, I’m thinking you could apply the filter, hide the repeater, show the DP, hide the DP, and then show the repeater, with a wait interaction of 1-100ms in between each action so that the interactions trigger in sequence (the wait interaction value would depend on the load time of your repeater filter).

Hi Jane, i don’t think company policy would allow me to share the file.

But I guess just having a repeater and adding a filter would probably be enough to test the theory.

From what you’re saying though, are you suggesting a ‘fake’ loader. So:

  1. apply filter
  2. hide repeater
  3. show loading message
  4. add wait (this would be a made up value)
  5. hide loading message
  6. show repeater.

I think this would work too, but guess the reality of the delay may vary based on network speed etc…so the wait delay would have to be over estimated.

It’s a shame there’s no ‘real’ way to do it. Repeaters seem to often cause performance delays.

From my experience with repeaters and dynamic panels , don’t over nest it. It could cause big performance issues.
Just (if possible) place repeater alone, or not do many nesting in dynamic panels.

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Here’s one way of accomplishing what you’re trying to do. In is example, I’m just using one dynamic panel; there’s one state for the this and another for the loader. When you choose a filter, the panel switches to the “Loading” state, applies the filter, waits a random number of milliseconds, and then switches back to the “List” state.

Progress_Indicator.rp (120.7 KB)