Displaying multiple records in repeaters


I am trying to display two names from different firms in my repeater widget wherein I have set value of variable (firm) to one of the firm values and the grid displays me contacts of only that firm on selection of a pick-list value since the variable I have selected is firm. Now in set variable to function i have set only one firm name. Can I set names of two firms in Set variable to (value) so that records of both firms appear on the pick-list selection. Here is my file. The pick-list has value Gulf Stream Capital but I want the contact of Apollo Stream Capital to also populate if pick-list selection is Gulf Stream Capital.manage emails - practice 2.rp (635.6 KB)

There is another query regarding this file. When I switch the value to All Investors, all records show up. Now can I set it in such a manner that all but the last record show up i.e. record named Jamie Dawson does not show up?

For those of you following along at home, rahulzlpr also reached out to us at the support desk about this. In order to get two different types of data to appear in their file’s repeater at once, we suggested that they try using a logical operator in their repeater’s filter rule, namely the “OR” operator ("||"). This would allow the filter to search for items that matched one rule OR another, displaying all of the results that matched either rule (e.g. “[[Item.firm == firm1 || Item.firm == firm2]]”).

Some more information about logical operators can be found here:

Feel free to write us at support@axure.com if you need any assistance with accomplishing something similar in your own file!