Do you need axure license to run its prototypes?

Guys hi,

As the titles says i am wondering if you need axure license to run its prototypes.

I have a basic prototype ready in figma (plus photoshop files for all steps / actions) but more complex interactions are needed - so i am thinking about hiring freelancer with axure software to create a prototype.

Will i be able to use the axure prototype and connect it to Or do i need axure account/license for it?

Hi! If you’ll just be viewing the published Axure Share prototypes in the browser or the Axure Share app, then no a license is not needed. Licenses are only needed if you plan to open Axure RP to create, edit, or publish prototypes; in your case, the freelancer who will be creating the prototype will need a license to do the work.

As far as using, users have had success with using their published Axure Share prototypes with that tool for user testing. Hopefully that helps!