Does handing-off a prototype to a dev reduce development time?

I have a somewhat silly but feature-complex website idea which is basically pretty similar to or some other dating site and I find it fairly unlikely that it will ever make any money. Nonetheless, I want to have it built (or maybe build it myself)… I have an Axure license and am fairly adept at using Axure, but I have no actual web development experience (but do have design experience). I’ve mostly used Axure for mobile design. Right now, I’m debating on whether or not to use WordPress or one of those templates to build this prototype - which would allow me to test out the concept a little, but because those web development tools are geared toward blogs and ecommerce sites, I think some of the features I’ll need aren’t going to be available… and from what I’ve read, WordPress/Wix websites are not easily converted into custom sites… so whoever I get to build the final version might have to build from scratch anyway.

My question is this: does it make sense to design a full website using Axure even though most websites are built based on a template? How easy is it for a developer to take my design and create a working version? Does pre-designing it in Axure reduce development time at all or will it make things harder because they can’t use a template?


I believe that your approach will not lead to what you imagine. Think of the problem as a customer or user of your service. The requirements of the users are the benchmark for the technology. Not the other way around.
And then you have to answer the question of what it is worth to fulfill these requirements.

Think the other way round: from problem to technology, not from technology to problem.

Axure can help you give the requirements a form that you can discuss. It does not matter if you speak with developers or designers or the users.

Axure will not answer you when it comes to technology.