Does rotate interfere with push/pull widgets?

My prototype includes a wizard that can be used to create a dashboard. The dashboard widgets are panels that have separate states for
The widgets are different sizes, depending on which state they are in so they are supposed to push/pull the widgets below when they change state. This is working fine during initial creation of the dashboard. However, if the wizard is re-entered for editing, the widgets below are no longer pushed/pulled, even though the same code is executed as during creation, according to the trace.

I’m wondering whether this could be an unintended side effect of rotating the widgets by 0 degrees.
When the wizard Finish button is clicked, it causes the group containing all the widgets to rotate by 0 degrees. The widgets all have an OnRotate interaction such that they change from editable to display mode or display mode to editable, depending on their current state. (They are rotated again when the wizard is re-entered.)

This is quite puzzling. Any help will be appreciated.


Without an example it’s hard to know for sure what’s going on, but my guess is that the issue is because you’re calling an action on a group instead of each, individual widget: Grouped_Actions.rp (77.9 KB)

Thanks for your response. I can see by the appearance of my widgets that they actually are changing state, though.

Oh! Maybe I misunderstood. I thought you were having issues with the Push/Pull interactions not working after the OnRotate event. In the example I uploaded, it shows that calling the OnRotate on the group breaks push/pull, where calling it on each panel doesn’t (or at it least it did for me).

I guess I’d need to see exactly what’s going on before I’ll be of any help.