Doesn't work push/pull widget (with show/hide/toggle)


I applied the function(push/pull widget) on [Type A] in ‘product list’ but it doesn’t work properly.
If i click [Type A] but ‘others’ is not pushed.

how can i push/pull the ‘others’?

inquiry.rp (70.7 KB)

I can never be bothered to work things out with push/pull for stuff like this - it always gets too complicated.

Better just use a repeater. I attach an example.

inquiry-repeater.rp (90.5 KB)

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Thank you for your kind answer.

I checked your file and tried to use ‘repeat’.
However, I don’t understand how I can use this new function.
I have used ‘repeater’ only table and don’t have no idea it is possible accordion menu.

If you don’t mind, could you upload the video applying to repeat?


It looks like your accordion content contains a nested group that you’re trying to show. Nested groups and dynamic panels won’t push or pull the “parent” groups or panels, so in order to allow the content for the “Type A” header in your original file to push the “Other” accordion content, you’ll want to first hide the parent panel with pull, and then show it with push after you show your “Type A” content:

This should force the “Product List” panel to resize so that it pushes the “Other” content down. Hopefully that helps!