DP set panel state only works once?



Im kinda stuck.

I made a Dynamic panel with different states (article pages).
On one state - page - there is an accordion menu.

In the accordion menu, one item there is a link to load more text via a different state (click or tab and then set panel state).

So what does happen is that the more text is shown, after closing the menu its reset to short) text - good. When the accordion is opened, its back to the short text - good, but the link to show the long text, does not work the second time…

This action only works once… why???

In the console I see the function is being called/fired… nothing happens…

I tried to change the link into a button or a hot spot or place it outside the dynamic panel. All off this resulted in only changing the state once and then its dead…

If I close the accordion item with the link before I click on the more text option, is closes - good, opens and the the link is dead aswell…

So im thinking its not the link/button/hot spot… its the ‘code’… but I do not what to do so it will work.

EK Axure issue 21 nov 2020.rp (153.1 KB)

Please help me!!!

Thanks in advance!


Did you upload the correct file? I see several dynamic panel widgets, but each has only one state. I don’t see any dynamic panels with more than one state.

  • Which widget is this? I can’t tell.
  • What do you mean by “a link to load more text”?
    • Is this “Inhoud”?
    • Or, is it the hotspot widget named, “HS Inhoudsopgave 2”? That widget has a Click or Tap event with an action of Set Panel State Lange tekst to Totaal show if hidden push/pull widgets below…but the “Lange tekst” dynamic panel has only one state, named “Totaal” so this action would result in only showing “Lange tekst” (and pushing widgets below it) not changing its state. Any subsequent clicks on this hotspot would do nothing because there is no state to change, and it is already shown–I don’t see anywhere that the “Lange tekst” widget is hidden. You do have many widgets and groups stacked in front of each other, and several of them are brought to front when you open/close an accordion item (e.g., the group named, “item 2 tekst lang”) so it is most likely that 'Lange tekst" is still shown but it is behind other widgets, so cannot be seen.
  • What do you mean by “more text is shown” and what do you mean by “short text” and “long text” --are these just the accordion “states” of open/expanded and closed/collapsed?
  • When I preview your prototype (on Windows 10 with latest Google Chrome browser) I can repeatedly click on a menu item (e.g., “Gegevens”, “Inhoud”, “Jurisprudentie”) and the accordion behavior works. It expands and collapses every time.
    • However, the accordion behavior, as you have it coded, works with the Show/Hide action and not Set Panel State action.
    • Is there a specific dynamic panel that does not work?


Thanks for the reply. Im gonna sort it out what is wrong cause on my laptop it does not work. Get back to you asap


Ok sorry. I had to strip the file because of privacy sjit.
So its one DP.

The accordion items ‘Gegevens, inhoud, jurisprudentie, etc’ all open and close - good.
The inhoud has a hot spot on the ‘inhoudsopgave’. When clicked it will show the whole text of the inhoudsopgave.

Only after one time use or when the accordion item ‘inhoud’ is opened and closed, the hot spot does not work, the extra text is not shown ;-( Not good.

In Axure i made for every accordion item a dynamic panel state. Items 1-7 and for nr 2 two seperate DP: tekst kort/ text short and tekst lang/ text long.

So my question is:

  1. why does the hot spot for text long/show extra text in the accordion item ; inhoud’ only fires once?
  2. And why doesnt it works when you open and close the accordion item ‘inhoud’ before clicking on the hot spot ‘inhoudsopgave’?

So it just the accordion item ‘inhoud’ and whats underneath that, that gives me troubles.

Hope this explains it more.

Thamks in advance!


It appears to me it is available and fires repeatedly. It looks like you verified this as well… There is nothing for it to do once the other dynamic panel gets called because it is already shown and there is no state to change.

There is something going on either when you “close” or “open” the accordion item. Hard to tell because I don’t really understand how you’ve set this up, there are multiple widgets with the same name, and there are several actions in the Click or Tap of Inhoud which shouldn’t have any result. Also, you are hiding/showing a group (“Item 2 tekst lang”) in which all the widgets are also hidden, so that isn’t likely to show anything. Again, my guess is that something else is in front of your hotspot and/or when you click on the hotspot it has no apparent result because something is in front of the extra text (and the extra text is already shown.)

One good practice would be to check the “Bring to Front” option on all your Show actions.
Another good practice is to set up your accordion structure so there is one dynamic panel per menu item, and each dynamic panel has at least two states: 1. closed, and 2. open. In the scenario you have for “Inhoud” you could perhaps add a third state for “extra text” or simply show/hide it.


Thanks. Ill check that out. Keep you posted! Thanks!