Drag a widget over an element in a repeater table

Hi guys! This is my first post, I have just re-entered the realm of Axure-prototyping. I am really stuck here, and hoping that I can borrow a clever head for this issue! :blush: I’m trying to accomplish the following:

  • Grab an element from outside a repeater table
  • Drag it over the repeater table
  • Highlight the rows of the table as the mouse moves over the table
  • Drop the element, and store the value of the corresponding row that the element is dropped over.

Here is the Axure file (sorry about a few Norwegian names and lables here!):

Drag element over a repeater table.rp (54.3 KB)

I have a TaskList to the left and a NameList to the right. I want to drag a task and drop it over a name in the NameList, and have that name pop up in the name-box over the tables.

When you drag an element from the left table, a “ghost row” appears that can be dropped over the right table. I’ve tried to solve it with a Mouse Enter interaction on the right table that stores the name in “tildeltTil” (again, sorry about my Norwegian). So when the “ghost row” is dropped over an element in the right table, the name in “tildeltTil” will populate the name-box.

For some godforsaken reason, the right table will not highlight on hover when I am dragging an element. And it seems random which name is shown in the name-box.

I have tried different solutions and searched the forum, but can’t seem to find an adequate solution. Any suggestions?