Drag and drop from one panel to another

Hey all,
I have a question about a drag and drop scenario.
Imagine that I have 3 boxes, Box A is drag-able and has another box (B) inside of it that is drag-able too but cant drag it outside A.
Box C is also drag-able but it’s outside of box A.
I want to be able to drag B outside A, put it in gray area and drag C inside A.
Is it something that possible with Axure?

Here is the attached file: test.rp (55.1 KB)


Hi farshadatis,

Something like this is definitely possible! Please feel free to take a look at the file attached below. The order of the boxes’ dynamic panels have been moved around in the outline order, and some conditional logic has been added to Box A. This makes it so that if Box B, and/or Box C are placed over the area of Box A, they are able to move OnDrag along with Box A.

I hope this helps some!

draggingboxes_sample.rp (58.2 KB)

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