Drag & Drop - Dropping to Specific Area

Hello Everyone!

I am doing a project and I have task to do Drag & Drop. I am nearly there but I am still struggling with something.

I need to drop it in specific slot and it’s working properly, but the problem is that I can move the Unit anywhere else. I can move it out of frame and it’s staying there. I want to be able lock it in position and be able to move it only to the slot. No where else. Can anyone help me with that??

Drag & Drop.rp (100.9 KB)

Also is there anyway that Button “Unit 1” will not dissapear from first frame but i can be repeatedly moved to multiplte slots??

Hi @Savrin,

You could maybe make so it goes back to its previous place if it is not drop on a slot.

I updated your proto with this “go back” mechanism:
Drag & Drop-Move back.rp (101.2 KB)

Hope it helps you


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Perfect, thanks for your help @PierreJ
And can you or anyone else tell me If I don’t want Unit 1 to dissapear from the left frame what do I do ??
So basically I want to be able to keep it in left fram even if I move it for example 3 times to the right frame what can I do ??

Here a way to do it:
Drag & Drop-Move back - V2.rp (237.0 KB)

How it works:

  1. I duplicate Unit 1 and place it just below the real one
    So when you drag Unit 1, it is still on the left frame

  2. I place duplicated Unit 1 hidden under the right frame
    When the real one are dropped over a slot they are shown and brought to the front

  3. When dropped, the real Unit 1 is hidden, moved to the left frame and shown so it could be used again

I did it to the first 2 slots so you can copycat for the other slots

I hope it works the way you want :smile_cat:

There surely are other ways to tackle it.
I try it myself with repeater but it doesnt give a good result :unamused:

If anybody has a better idea feel free to send your workaround, it’s always nice to learn new stuff!!! :grin:

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