Dragging and clicking of one dynamic panel

I’ve been using Axure for years now, but I’ve always been struggling with dynamic panels that have both a click and a drag event: if you drag just a teeny tiny bit instead of clicking, the click event is not triggered, while the drag is. So clicking the dynamic panel becomes hard.

Is there a genius fix for this? In code, I’d say only activate the drag when dragging more than eg 5px, but how to fix that in Axure? Any ideas?

If you put the click interactions on the objects within the dynamic panel and the OnDrag on the dynamic panel itself its less sensitive than if the OnClick AND OnDrag are BOTH on the dynamic panel.

dragClick.rp (57.0 KB)

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Or that if you want to keep the OnClick on the Dynamic panel:
Drag & click.rp (53.5 KB)


Thanks both! @jlhelmers if this works, this would be a very easy fix. Seems to work on my desktop, but need to stresstest on mobile.
@PierreJ this is exactly what I meant, great! And works very well, it seems. A bit more work to build I think, but a good solution if the other fix doesn’t work well enough.