Drawing a multi sided polygon like Google Maps


Hi all

I was wondering if anyone has any experience they can share with me to enable me to draw a multi sided polygon in real time using Axure RP9. The concept I’m trying to replicate is the same as that used to draw areas on Google Maps.

I have screen captured a video of what I’m trying to achieve, (which I will try and find a way to publish on here or via a link to a third party site on a subsequent post).

Thanks in advance


You can find a video of what I’m trying to achieve here:


This would be very difficult to do. There’s no native way in Axure to draw dynamically so you’d have to get creative in order to get it to work. If you just want an example of how the drawing would look and you don’t need any information back from the shape to trigger some event, you could try using an iframe of another HTML page that is capable of drawing shapes.

If you want the shape to act as an “input” and feed data back to the prototype to control some logic you’ll have to resort to JavaScript injection. You could use a repeater to store mouse cursor coordinates and use those to draw an svg shape. So it’s possible but pretty complicated.

There are forum posts that discuss things similar to what you’re trying to achieve:


Please see this post