Drop down Issue not displaying in front of item

Good Evening Everyone,

I’m hoping someone migth know where I’m goign wrong with this. I have a series of filters taht I wish to apply which consist of various drop down lists.
The drop down boxes are filled with white but when you click on the drop down they are appearing transparent and behind the other items on the page.
I’ve attached my file that I have been working on
filter-example.rp (124.9 KB)
This is How it should look.


You should use the Bring to Front command upon displaying the dropdown, but first it will be easier if you clean up the code a bit.

For example, the top-left dropdown has OnClick code on the outer dynamic panel, OnClick code on a group inside of the dynamic panel, as well as OnClick on an item within that group. Axure will only execute the most deeply nested code (i.e., the OnClick code on the item within the group within the panel) and ignore the OnClick code of the group inside the panel as well as the OnClick code of the panel itself.

Once you get rid of the OnClick code of the group inside the panel and on the item within the group, the code of your dynamic panel can say

  Toggle (visibility of) Drop_down_types
  Bring This to front

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