Drop-down list wit subtypes

Hey. This is my first post, so please understand mistakes. :wink:

I have a list to choose. 3 main types (black line) and each of them has several subtypes (yellow line).
I used dynamic panels to show subtypes. And it works. But I would like them to curl after choosing another type.
If I interact with hide and push / pull widgets, the types below also collapse.
How to do it or what to use to make it work properly?
I will be very grateful for any help! :slight_smile:

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Please, please!

If you’re wanting to keep only one section open at a time (expanding one, collapses the others), the easiest way is to use a selection group: Expand-Collapse.rp (98.3 KB)

Create your section headers and pull them all in the same selection group:image
Then add the “Show” logic to the “Selected” event and the “Hide” logic to “Unselected”. When one member of a selection group becomes selected the other members are automatically unselected.

You might also run into issues using the “Push/Pull” option if your list of “sections” is greater than two. It will work fine if you expand/collapse in sequential order but something like expanding section 3, then 1 will get weird.

You might have better luck avoiding “Push/Pull” entirely and use “Move” instead. There’s an example in the file.