Dropdown Form Validation

Hi guys,

on this Form I want the circle(in the file it’s called check) to appear green (be visible) only when all the drop down menus have been used in order to show that nothing was forgotten.
At the moment it already turns green when the first dropdown has been used.
At the end it should look like in the picture below:

if something was forgotten it should look like this:

Forum2.rp (61.9 KB)

Hey there, so your logic is a bit too simple. You need to look at all of the fields to determine if the check should display.

Because you have so many, i’d suggest centralizing the logic to one place and then utilizing a moveby 0,0 to trigger the check.

I’ve done that in the attached, where the onchange of each dropdown moves your “Bio” text by 0,0. Then, onMove of BIo, if all of the dropdowns have a value other than their initial value, it will show the check. Else, it hides it.

This way, if you have to add a field, all you need to do is copy the onChange event to move the bio text, and then update in one place the logic for showing the check.

Forum2.rp (65.3 KB)

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Thanks!! this was really helpful

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